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Change Management Dashboard: An Adaptive Approach to Lead a Change Program

Methodos Master, 27/04/2014, in Cultural Change Management, Pubblicazioni

Alessio Vaccarezza, managing partner di Methodos, e Gianluca Rizzi, Consultant di Methodos, intervengono sul numero 1 – aprile 2014 di HR People & Strategy per proporre un approccio alla guida dei programmi di cambiamento secondo il modello del Change Management Dashboard. Come si legge nell’introduzione, “in present times, organizations need to change continuously in order to adapt or react to the social and economic environment that is changing more rapidly than ever before. Most current change management initiatives are based on a traditional and programmatic approach that does not have the flexibility necessary to adapt ongoing change programs to unexpected variations in their context that can affect the program and how it was originally designed “.



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