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Marie Dancourt-Cavanagh

Executive and Team Coach, senior trainer and cross-cultural facilitator,supports in a variety of ways international executives and teams unleash their leadership potential and make a difference where it matters. She managesindividual, group or team coaching or tailored management development programmes or workshops facilitation.She is passionate about working with clients towards meaningful and sustainable change and uses various tools of creativity and collective intelligence for leveraging individual and collective added value. She has a background in European Public Affairs where she held middle and senior management positions and in her 20 years of working experience, has gained a very good knowledge of a range of organisations, from large public sector/international organisations, large corporations to small businesses and not-for-profit organisations & NGO’s. She not only enjoys but actively seeks out this diversity as a useful reminder of cultural and organisational diversity and to keep activating her “thinking outside the box” mindset. After her coaching training, she has undergone extensive additional professional development training to sharpen her professional practice (Systemic interventions, Neuroscience applied to Stress and Relationships management, Transactional Analysis, Storytelling & Narrative Practices etc..)She is accredited with a number of cross-cultural tools (« the International Profiler », « International Preferences Indicator », « International Team Trust Indicator », «Cultural Orientations Framework ») as well as other HR/psychometric tools (MBTI, FIRO-B, 360° tools,TKI-Conflict Indicator). Currently based in Brussels, she is bilingual French/English and also speaks and works in German.